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SEO Copywriting in Perth

Good SEO copywriting is part art, part science. Its copy that’s optimised for search engines (like Google) to increase your chances of ranking well in the search results. 

Hire a slick, savvy SEO copywriter  and you can expect: 

  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Increased social shares and links
  • Increased page views and viewing time
  • Pages that read well and do well in the SERPS

In other words, you’ll be more visible and more popular. And probably a lot happier, too! :-)

Algorithm changes

Over time, Google’s algorithms have changed, so SEO copywriting has also changed. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing (but this was never, ever a good idea) and ugly, contrived sentences (like in the pub gag below). 

An SEO Copywriter walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, Irish pub, drink, beer, wine, liqueur, grey goose, crystal...
— The Next Web

We used to see a lot of keyword stuffing because:

A: Web content wasn’t so competitive as it is now, and algorithms were different, so people tortured their copy with painful key word injections and people just put up with it.

B: There was more emphasis on how a page ranked through factors on the page, rather than off the page (as it is today).

Today’s SEO copywriting still need to take keywords and keyword research very seriously. A good writer needs to know what they’re doing – and have a good understanding of on-page search optimisation.

But your copy must also be so interesting, so useful, that people want to read it, share it or link to it. As Portent’s Ian Lurie says, it must be “Weird, Significant, and Useful”. 

Google will give you extra brownie points if they can see that:

•    people trust you
•    you have authority
•    people are linking towards you
•    they're saying cool stuff about you on social

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