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Dental Marketing. Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Marketer. Health & Fitness Writer & Blogger.

Dental marketer in Perth

I write clear, patient-friendly & AHPRA-compliant copy for dental clinics, medical centres & health practices that converts your readers into paying customers.

My specialised content includes copywriting, landing pages, email marketing, blogging and social media (Facebook marketing) for dentists and doctors. My clients are in Perth, Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney.

“Cannot recommend Abi enough!! She is absolutely brilliant and the results were obvious after she worked her magic on my websites and social media platforms!!”

Dr Aran Moorthy

No patient wants to read dense, complicated paragraphs or industry jargon. And no health practitioner has the time to write. This is where I come in. I can provide you with professional, scientifically correct - but easy to read copy that your customers can understand.

Dental clinic website copy

Get clear, technically proficient, AHPRA compliant web page copy on all aspects of general dentistry. Please contact me for examples.

“Amazing service and very pleased with the outcome… Jumped to No 1 on our (Google) search within weeks!” L. Burger

Local SEO (GMB) for dentists’ clinics

Two of these are/have been my clients (at different times) Success speaks for itself.

Two of these are/have been my clients (at different times) Success speaks for itself.

Local SEO is a powerful (and relatively free) way of having your dental clinic found online. You’re given the opportunity, if your business is optimised correctly, to capitalise on prime real estate in Google’s search engine results and advertise not only your services, but reviews, opening hours, address, staff photos and much more.

Dental clinics, in particular, can reap huge rewards from local SEO. It’s far from expensive, and the results can keep on giving. Moreso, you don’t have much of a choice! Plenty of your dental competitors are doing local SEO, so if you lag behind, you’ll miss out. (Read more about local SEO here.

Cute image. Check out

Cute image. Check out

Health, medical & dental blogs

After writing more than 450 blogs on dentistry, cosmetic surgery, fitness coaching, aged care, childcare and massage, I’m confident I can deliver engaging health content to your readers.

Plus, I specialise in content creation, which means I will use data-driven techniques (along with creativity and common sense) to research potential blog topics and content that will be popular on Google.

Cosmetic Surgery Copywriter

SEO for cosmetic medicine

As an experienced SEO, I’ve been extremely successful in getting my clients to the top – or close to the top of Google. If you’d like to know more, please contact me, and I’ll show you ample examples.

Editing, proofreading & ongoing communications

I can help with editing, day-to-day communications, proofreading, newsletters, SMS creation, reminders, job vacancies, off-line advertising and more.

Social media for health practitioners

When planned carefully, medical and dental industries can reap wonderful rewards with social media. But you have to know the rules – and there are many rules with both social media and AHPRA.

I’ve written an extensive post regarding Facebook and AHPRA, which I thoroughly suggest you check out, if you have a dental or medical practice.

Health advertisements can easily trip up on Facebook’s algorithms and result in seeing you blocked or penalised. For example, Facebook is stringent with its rules regarding any of the following:

Facebook marketing
  • before and after photos

  • close-up photography of body parts

  • idealistic images of attractive faces

  • drawing attention to any health or physical problem

I can help you navigate through this tricky terrain and make sure you reap the (truly incredible) rewards that Facebook advertising can provide.

Landing pages

Don’t let your precious advertising dollars spent on Adwords or Facebook campaigns go to waste through bland or poorly communicative webpages. Good landing pages convert new readers into eager, paying customers. It’s imperative that this is done correctly for you.

Dental website design & photography

I’m not a website designer. But I recommend independent web designers to create beautiful dentistry websites.

For beautiful clinic and staff photography, I also work closely with an excellent but reasonably priced photographer. Contact me for more info.

I’ve done a lot of this…

Sounds rather boastful, but it’s true - I’ve spent six years intensively - INTENSIVELY -marketing dental businesses and cosmetic surgeons, and had acquired a huge amount of knowledge along the way.

I’ve always had a strong interest in health and fitness. Over the past four years, I have worked intensively marketing dental clinics, as well as over 400 articles on fitness, aged care, childcare and massage for a Melbourne training Institute.

In my private time, I’m an active member of several Facebook science & health groups. These groups are a great industry “go-to” place to find well-reference material, but it’s also a place where we members volunteer our time to help educate Facebook readers on the difference between pseudoscience and real medicine.

We also work to alert Facebook and Google about dangerous quackery, health nuts and fake health news. All in all, one another about my membership with these groups is the way we are striving to make the online world a better place to find clear, concise health information – not dangerous woo from health scammers.

So if you have a legitimate dental, medical or health and fitness practice, please give me a call. I’d love to help you.