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I help businesses with their social media & set up your Google+ pages, potentially helping Google rankings. Bonus: Your face is then likely to appear on Google!



Using social media, whether it be to strengthen your brand, sell product or create a wider database is now more important than ever. ‘Social’ is now more than an important way of connecting with your customers online in a ‘more human’ way; it is now an important part of Search Engine Optimisation. Therefore, for any online strategy, social media needs to be deployed.

Need help setting up your social media campaigns?  Want your campaign run for you?

Let’s get in touch. I can run social media campaigns that are relevant, interesting, valuable and helpful to your readers. Plus, I can make sure you don’t fall into any nasty traps and get penalised by Facebook.

Social Media Strategy

It's important to use only the appropriate strategies for your business. Here are some wise words:

“Be everywhere” is one approach to social media, but it’s rarely the most effective. Particularly if you’re trying to get traffic to your site and people to read and share your content. Instead, decide what platforms are going to be the most effective for you. The best strategy takes into account the social behaviors of your target customers. Are they video people? Facebook addicts? Spend your time online cultivating a following that generates social activity and connects to your business goals beyond SEO. - Jayson DeMers

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