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Perth-based copywriter Abi White has been a veteran of the online industry since 2007. One of the first generation e-commerce business owners, Abi created the successful e-commerce business, abi and joseph - and has since established herself as an esteemed copywriter & SEO consultant for clients throughout Australia


About Me

SEO Consultant & Copywriter, Abi White

SEO Consultant & Copywriter, Abi White

Hi, I’m Abi White. I specialise in both on-page SEO and web copywriting, which includes SEO copy, landing pages, web pages, blogging and content creation. I help seriously driven businesses improve their presence online. But that's just the first step. I then go all out to make sure they convert their customers. (That's the important bit)

I give one-to-one advice, overhaul websites, work with web designers, provide SEO services and create marketing campaigns. I write an awful lot of copy.

I've been immersed in the online industry since 2006. And in that time, a lot's changed. And it continues to change at lightning speed.It can be quite tricky, but it's also a challenge that requires smarts and diligence. 

This constant change necessitates the need for hiring a professional if you're serious about your online business. Please don't compromise.

 I don't just write pretty words - online copy is quite technical. I have an extensive amount of knowledge in SEO, user experience and conversion - all imperatives for good online copy. 

Abi is a long-time associate of mine and a fantastic copywriter. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to rank and sell effectively.

- Colm MacGowan, 8020 Internet Marketing, Melbourne

Throughout our experience with Abi, she has been exceptionally thorough and and her innovative ideas have had a profound impact on our business. Her professionalism and charisma has been a delight to work with.
— Mike Vegar


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I like doggies, too.

I like doggies, too.

Where I live - and who I help

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, I have a client-base spread throughout Sydney, QLD, Melbourne and Perth. I'm also the senior content writer for an internet marketing company in Melbourne.

I prefer to keep a small client base. I work with people that are open to suggestion and are keen to improve, keen to take things seriously. I'm flexible with clients - and I understand that sometimes budget is a big issue, but encourage a consistent and cohesive approach, rather than ‘band aid’ solutions. Sometimes, many facets of the business need to improve to make a difference. 

My professional experience online

My past e-commerce business, abi and joseph

After eight years at the coalface through my past online label, abi and joseph, followed by more time as a freelancer, I've accumulated a wealth of digital expertise, and continue to update my skills with workshops, SEO courses and annual online events.

 In my earlier years online, I was lucky enough to be mentored by some ridiculously talented online marketing and e-retail specialists in Australia and New Zealand. They gave me the most brilliant education in web copywriting, SEO, user experience, (UXP) branding, e-marketing, social media and e-newsletters (EDMs).

Success online is a combination of art + science, with both requiring diligent attention. It takes one large chunk of time and effort to get a damn good understanding of this ever-changing industry. And it takes even longer to have the confidence to tell clients where they need to be putting their money – and when.

When I'm not working

When I am not beavering away at my stand up work desk (okay, sometimes I sit)  you can find me exercising, (I was originally trained as a classical ballet dancer) reading a ridiculous amount of online marketing and SEO blogs, fighting the war against pseudoscience on social media, renovating my house, keeping up with my brilliant and handsome husband or entertaining my dog. 

I love good graphic designers and typography, science, evidence based medicine and interesting people. Oh - and anyone that can make me laugh so hard I nearly pass out. I detest cooking shows and wellness warriors. I'm devoted to animal welfare. I'm pretty savvy online, but I still don’t know how to work the remote control.

Industry people I follow

My favourite online people are everyone at Portent.inc - especially Ian Laurie, Isla McKetta, Katie L Fetting, Rebecca Bridge; AJ Kohn (Blind Five-year-old), Damien Farnworth, Rand Fishkin, (especially his Whiteboard Fridays) Danny Sullivan, CopyHackers,  Mark Traphagen and David Amerland.